Blog update and LEGO designs

It’s been month since I’ve posted here, but trust me or not, I’m using this website and domain name for other purposes.
I can’t say I’ve been very busy, I think “lazy” must be the correct word.

So, what have I done during all this time ? Well…

Rate my photoshop.


First of all, I made my grand debuts on Instagram. I’m not even using it with a personnal account, I don’t like this network to be honest, but I wanted to be able to interact with moccers, friends and LEGO designers (like the handsome George Gilliatt, designer of the 31111 Cyber Drone) I’m not a very social-network guy, but I will try to do my best !

3D Work

I really like moccing with MecaBricks, but also doing 3D renders. I’m not a 3D modeler, nor an animator or composer, but I enjoy posing my mocs and making HD renders of them. For this purpose, I’ve created a separated gallery that you can browse using the link in the menu. I will help me to have high quality uploads of my renders without having to post everything on flickr or that kind of websites.
Oh, and don’t mind the directories names, I will make a post here when the “Black Board Factory” project will concretise :).


I like Galaxy Squad. Like, a lot. But FML, the minifigures prints were not available on Mecabricks ! 😥 So I cried. A lot. Few seconds before dying of dehydration I stopped, and decided to make my own. You can find my recreations of the designs on the dedicated page on this blog, download and use them as you like.

Since August I’ve also made few mocs, but you’d better follow me on flickr (or instagram hehe) than here.

That’s all for todays folks, I hope to see you soon in a very complete and well written post 😉

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