Future Flyer : Upgraded !

Yay, more than one year without any kind of posts here, but heh, guess who hasn’t deleted this blog yet ? 😀

The set 31034 Future-Flyer has been one of my favorites since its release in 2015. In fact, 2015 was the release of the Bionicle G2, which hyped me a lot and send me right back into buying Lego… Again.
I mean, new ones, as I was still purchasing old Bionicle G1 to complete my collection.

During two years it followed me, always on my desk near my computer screen, moving two times to a new apartment and to my new wooden desk. Then, in 2017, for some obscure reasons I’ve started to revamp it, by changing his snapping hips articulations by balljoints, then adding a bit of orange details here and there…

That’s how I’ve posted my first batch of pics on Flickr. That was an absolute failure, my friends did not dare to tell me that my “revamp” was an absolute loss of style and weird proportions. Or maybe they did, but I didn’t listen.

Future Flyer
Yeah. I know.

This version has been around for almost two years before I finally decided to upgrade it a little bit. In fact, it all started when I bought the 41597 : Go Brick Me set, with all its orange slopes, that I’ve used to upgrade the shoulders.

A few Bricklink orders later, the V2 (or at least, V2 of my V2) started to raise.

Future Flyer (V2)
Same pose, not the same energy

As you can see, I kept the original feeling that the moc had, but I tried to harmonize the limbs with many Slope, Curved 2 x 2 Lip. Thanks to these pieces, the arms and legs now benefits from a pretty curve that gives the robot a slick futuristic look that I was looking for.

Future Flyer (V2)

I really hope that I’ll be writing down the little story that I have in mind for my series of Lego robots revamp.
Anyway, to conclude this little post that I’ve been writing for six months now (lazy me), here comes a 3D render that I’ve made using Mecabricks and Blender. The story behind my newly love for 3D renders is for another time, I guess.

Zoom the picture, it’s pretty big.

Thanks for your reading (?) and see you in… six months or more :p

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