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Mini Robots Mark II

Oh, hello.
This my this first “real” content-post here, I’m not sure at the moment of the format or layout, but I hope you’ll enjoy anyway.

If you knew me before this blog, you may know that I’m a creator enthusiast (at least the Robots-themed sets), and I’ve started to revamp some of my favorites, time to time. I’ve started through the 2003’s 4097 Mini Robots, then the 31034 Future Flyer (I’ll probably make a post here about him btw).
During a short stay at my parents, I’ve found my old 4917 Mini Robots and felt suddenly very nostalgic about him. So I brought the set at my current flat, and few Bricklink orders later, made a 2018-ish version.

Please let me introduce you to the Mini Robot Mark II.

3D render
(3D rendered, but with the fist version of the revamp…)

For this “revamp”, I really wanted to keep the original aspect of the robot, which were (on my opinion) his heavily-armored-riot-cop style and his general compact and angular shape.

Mini Robots Mark II

When I first show the 3D prototype to my friends, their firsts reactions were something like “ok cool”, a thumb up and “he can’t even raise his leg lol”, so I asked for their advice. To simply switch the mixel-joints direction was a huge step (stupid me, that was obvious… )

To add a small articulation and details, I’ve replaced the dual-sided towball plate with a simple one, and added a 1×1 towball plate (gosh, I paid almost 1€ each) at the end to simulate the robot calf.

Mini Robots Mark II

The back of the bot has been upgraded a bit, I’ve managed to create some sort of “backpack” to replace the old 2×1 plate with handles.

The nexo bot shoulder technique was a pure luck find, but I think it sticks pretty well and adds a cool curve to close the assembly.

I also really wanted to keep the phone pieces as they were very emblematic of the robot design, but they didn’t fit very well on the feet, so I moved them to the main body part, and used them to attach the shoulder pads to the torso.

Mini Robots Mark II

I do not have much else to say about this “revamp”, if I may change something, that may be the feet. As my friend Leewan said, I should have used the new centered bracket, but theses pieces were not available at the time.

Anyway, thanks for reading and passing-by, I hope to see you soon in another post !

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