Power Suits

Years after the AntiMatter crisis, the agent Curtis Bolt stopped working for the Ultra Agents agency and left Astor City. He traveled to a village near to Bricksburg, where he opened a little tech workshop and started all over again his engeneering experiments.

Quickly, he recruited engineers and designers and won an innovation contest held by the LEGO City mayor and Octane’s bureau of innovations. With this new funding, Curtis Bolt wanted to develop a new version of the Ultra Armor he once invented for the military operations of the Ultra Agents, but aimed for a civilan use.

Jack Fireblade’s mech had an energy core that Curtis used to study in order to create the new prototype of what he called a “power suit”. He managed to miniaturize the main components of the core while doubling its efficiency and usage life.

Impressed by the first working prototype, LEGO City mayor (Mayor Gleesom at the time) ordered a first batch of suits to equip the city firefighters and municipal employees with the MABILLE and DECAUX Mark I.